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2 . 2021

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Original research

Detection of coronary artery disease using deep learning algorithms

Aim of the study was to analyze the possibility of using neural network analysis to predict the severity of coronary bed lesion. Material and methods. The study included 120 patients, who underwent elective or emergency coronary catherization and met the inclusion and

Atrial fibrillation associated with a new coronavirus infection: mechanisms and therapeutic approaches

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the cardiac community faces a new challenge: coronaviruses myocardial damage. Despite epidemiological data linking COVID-19 to cardiovascular disease, not much is known about its effect on atrial fibrillation (AF) - the most common arrhythmia in

Physical activity and rhythm abnormalities: principles of diagnosis and recommendations

The article discusses common rhythm abnormalities in persons practicing professional and nonprofessional sports, the possibility of its timely diagnosis, including by means of stress testing, in particular, stress-echocardiography. The latest international guidelines for the
Clinical саses

Clinical cases of pericarditis in elderly patients and their treatment


This article presents 3 clinical cases of pericarditis in elderly patients and it's different treatment strategies.

Multiple heart thrombosis in a patient with diagnosed coronavirus infection (COVID-19)


This article contains an analysis of a clinical case of multiple heart thrombosis in a patient with diagnosed coronavirus infection.

Сontinuous medical education

Pericardial disorders (practice guideline)


Atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter (clinical practice guidelines)

Enternational practice

Effects of dapagliflozin in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an analysis of DAPA-HF

Aims . Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an important comorbidity in heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF), associated with worse outcomes and often suboptimal treatment because of under-prescription of β-blockers. Consequently,

Cardio-microcurrent device for chronic heart failure: first-in-human clinical study

Aims Most devices for treating ambulatory Class II and III heart failure are linked to electrical pulses. However, a steady electric potential gradient is also necessary for appropriate myocardial performance and may be disturbed by structural heart diseases. We investigated
Clinical cases

Clinical tests

Cardiology news

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Announcements (# 2, 2021)

Andrey G. Obrezan
MD, Professor, Head of the Hospital Therapy Department of the Saint Petersburg State University, Chief Physician of SOGAZ MEDICINE Clinical Group, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Medicine today

Молекулярная диагностика на страже "биопорядка": как современные технологии позволяют выжить в век эпидемий Новые технологии молекулярной диагностики в эпоху COVID-19/пандемий Обеспечение массового экспресс-тестирования населения - приоритетная задача, которая поможет...

Всероссийская школа по Муковисцидозу с международным участием "Муковисцидоз: из детства во взрослую жизнь" С 24 по 25 ноября 2021 года профессионалы в области педиатрии, терапии, пульмонологии, гастроэнтерологии, эндокринологии, генетики, диетологии, микробиологии,...

Коморбидность - бич современного общества и головная боль для каждого терапевта. Как минимизировать комбинации препаратов и, как следствие, побочных эффектов у больных с сочетанной патологией? Именно этот злободневный вопрос мы задали ведущим экспертам российского...

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